Wafiapps.com, Bahrain’s premier online shopping platform, recently named Mrs. Hanan Janahi as their ‘Chief Happiness Officer’. Mrs. Janahi, who has over two decades of industry expertise, is also a successful entrepreneur, social worker and avid sports enthusiast. Bahrain this Week meets with Mrs. Janahi to know more about her role in spreading happiness along with developing the organization’s goals to become the a one-stop destination for online shopping in the Kingdom.

What will be your aim as the “Chief Happiness Officer” of WafiApps.com?

At the moment, as Chief Happiness Officer, my personal focus is to develop a greater understanding about the unique services of the company and to help establish the store as the preferred choice of online shopping in the Kingdom.

How does online shopping change the way people shop?

In the recent past, there have been dramatic shifts in the buying behavior with an increasingly large percentage of the population choosing to shop online given its convenience and affordability which WafiApps is able to continue to provide to its users. I assume that it depends on the content of the products and the technology.  This has been possible given our ability to adapt seamlessly and efficiently in catering to the requirements and needs of our customers.

As an expert in E-commerce, do you think that there are voids that need to be filled in the space of online shopping?

WafiApps.com have been operating since 2014. The gap that needs to fill in the coming years will be the effective delivery of an enticing shopping experience to our customers. In the coming years, apart from keeping with latest consumer demands, we hope to be able to use our newly procured delivery system to create a complete shopping experience that ensures that greater satisfaction for our new and existing customers.

How does WafiApps.com build its relationship with the customers in the digital world?

At WafiApps.com, my team and I spend a significant portion of our time in ensuring a consistent rate of satisfaction for our customers. From order to delivery, our focus has and will continue to be on maintaining an easy, user-friendly experience for our users. In addition, being able to continue to monitor our communication with them and creating the most appealing offers, at the best price allows us to create a strong and lasting relationship with those who shop with us.

Many grocers think that online-grocery shops will jeopardize their store sales. According to you, why should grocers get into e-commerce and how different is WafiApps.com in this regard?

I think it is no secret that customers always prefer convenience irrespective of whether they shop in-store or via the web. Our aim as an online shopping platform is to ensure a convenient solution for individuals who choose to shop via a mobile application due to their busy schedules and lifestyles. We also hope to expand the range of options that our users get to choose from. However, the prime aim of our organization is to drive value for our clients and to ensure them that we will continue doing our best service. Therefore, I don’t think shop owners should feel threatened but rather use this opportunity to continue to drive their sales and revenue by tapping into the previously untapped market segment.

Do you think, in the coming future, online shopping will take over traditional retail sales? If yes, how does WafiApps.com prepare for the trend change?

Yes, for e-commerce, this is the golden age. The ability to choose from a multitude of products than ever within a far less time and effort creates its own sense of appeal, especially for the millennials. The day is not too far when e-commerce will outweigh retail sales. We, at WafiApps.com, is trying to be distinctive in one way or other – be it offering excellent service or unique products.

Do you think mobile phones have altered the user experience in online shopping?

I believe that it’s no secret that the use of mobile phones has definitely created a change in consumer behavior that seen as customers prioritize convenience. The unique ability of WafiApps.com to be able to conveniently meet this demand along with a timely delivery schedule allows us to be able to maximize the use of a commonly used mobile phone. In addition, we have a dedicated response unit that is able to monitor the shopping trends that our users share on other social media platforms definitely also helps us keep up and meet the expectations of our users.

Could you please share with our readers about your educational, family and achievements?

I have completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in English Literature, from the University of Bahrain. I am a great fan of sports so I will be the cheerleader of the Wafi Falcons, the official sporting team of WafiApps.com. The Family Bank granted me a special honor for my contributions to the society, especially in the field of women empowerment. I am married and have four children.