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Kanoo Power Solutions Signs Milestone Agreement with ABB to Increase EV Charging Stations in Bahrain

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Kanoo Power Solutions (KPS), a leading provider of power solutions in Bahrain, announced the signing of a milestone strategic partnership with ABB, a technology leader in electrification and automation. The agreement paves the way towards sustainable transportation in the Kingdom as it aims to boost the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by expanding the availability of ABB’s EV charging infrastructure.

The partnership encompasses vital features aimed at advancing the EV charging landscape. KPS’ widespread industry presence will facilitate ABB’s e-mobility infrastructure deployment in the Kingdom of Bahrain, addressing charging accessibility. ABB’s advanced technology, including fast charging and interoperability, reinforces the charging network, supported by KPS’ customer service. The collaboration emphasizes sustainable transportation, aligning with the shift towards eco-friendly mobility. It aims to foster electric vehicle adoption, resulting in a reliable and eco-conscious EV charging network. With 13 plus years of technology and innovation leadership in EV charging solutions, ABB’s e-mobility solutions cover the full range of the automotive industry (vehicles, buses, trucks).

Head of Kanoo Power Solution, Sudhindra Kalibhat said: “This agreement is a major step towards creating a sustainable future for Bahrain. Our extensive network and expertise in power solutions, coupled with ABB’s state-of-the-art technology, can accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by supporting the growing demand for fast, reliable, and convenient EV charging stations. We value their commitment to environmental sustainability and look for-ward to a fruitful collaboration.”

ABB Vice President of Electrification Business Area (GCC & East Africa), Vinayak Joshi said: “ABB’s EV charging station offers a range of standout features, including fast and seamless charging, alleviating concerns about charging availability and speed. Its flexibility and interoperability ensure compatibility with diverse EV models, promoting convenience for users regardless of their vehicle’s make.”

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ABB EV charging station’s cutting-edge connectivity options enable remote monitoring, diagnostics, and updates, enhancing performance and facilitating future improvements. With scalability in mind, it can seamlessly integrate into various charging networks, supporting the expansion of EV infrastructure. The station’s sustainable power management systems also optimize energy usage, lessening grid stress and promoting efficiency.

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