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Lulu Hypermarket Welcomes Shoppers to Expanded Dana Mall Store

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Lulu Hypermarket’s Dana Mall flagship store has expanded to serve up a whole new shopping experience for eager Bahrain shoppers. Now 40% much large, the store has embraced many new food trends, emphasizing healthy eating and variety as well as convenience and the trademark Lulu quality and price benefits.

“The Lulu journey in the Kingdom of Bahrain began at Dana Mall in 2007 and we are humbled at the warmth with which the Bahrain customer has welcomed us and facilitated our growth to eight hypermarkets across the country,” said Director of Lulu Group International, Mr. Juzer Rupawala, “As part of the economic promise of our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Yusuffali M.A., we have transformed this first hypermarket into a place where customers can find variety, quality and a reflection of the latest retail trends.”

In this first phase of the expansion, the hypermarket level boasts of many new and attractive features. Fastidious shoppers can have the benefit of choosing their own grain and getting it milled into flour while they shop in the new flour mill section. There will be a wide range of organic grains as well as lesser-known millets to choose from and customers can even choose the fine-ness of the milling to suit special recipes.

The popular Lulu Hot Foods section has been extended and a variety of culinary live stations added to it: you can choose from Oriental dim sum to Japanese sushi or opt for India tawa and tandoor preparations ranging from breads to dosa, all prepared once you order.

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The Lulu Bakery with its specialty breads, cakes and treats has been expanded as well and shoppers can expect a new range of goodies baked to golden perfection by Lulu’s talented bakers.

Those wanting ready-to-go healthy options can choose from a colourful salad bar with vegetables, fruit, fish and meat as well as a ‘Soup of the Day’ special.

The frozen foods section has also been expanded and there will be many new varieties of foods and ingredients from all over the world.

If all the shopping makes you feel peckish, stop by at the in-store café for a refreshing cuppa, and a range of freshly prepared goodies.

To accommodate the influx of more shoppers, the hypermarket management has thoughtfully provided more checkout counters – there will be a total of 27 counters for customers’ convenience.

A spokesperson for the group said that the second phase will see a much larger department store on the second level.

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