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MG Bahrain Wins MG PR Excellence Award 2022

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MG Bahrain announced that it has won the MG PR Excellence Award 2022. This accomplishment proves MG Bahrain’s success in promoting the brand’s quality products and services as a leading distributer in the region, also highlighting Zayani Motors—the exclusive dealer of MG in the Kingdom—as one of the best car dealerships in the gulf.

The MG PR Excellence Award recognises the important role that public relations play in an integrated communications plan. MG Bahrain has demonstrated great proficiency in carrying out marketing campaigns that yield effective results while expending promotional efforts that translate to sales, boosting the MG brand.

Most prominent among MG Bahrain’s PR endeavours in 2022 was a partnership with the basketball team of Muharraq Club, which opened a lot of new opportunities for the brand. Test drives were run in collaboration with the team players and an MG car displayer was set up at the club during big matches. Additionally, MG Motor branded jerseys were created. MG Bahrain also conducted road shows at STC Bahrain, the leading regional telecom company with over 17,000 employees. Several test drive events were organised at Costa Coffee venues, which have high footfall rates as one of the island’s favoured coffee shops. Furthermore, local influencers and journalists were partnered with to hold test drives of the latest models.

Mr. Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors, the exclusive distributor of MG in the Kingdom of Bahrain, commented on this occasion, “We are immensely honoured to receive this award which reflects our commitment to furthering the MG brand both locally and regionally. We are aware of the vital role that public relations play in our success, which is why we pay great attention to our PR operations and ensure that we follow the best practises. Our PR campaigns are developed with meticulous care and take many factors into consideration in order to create an effective strategy that works in our favour.”

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He continued, “MG Bahrain is always keen to study the local market and its needs and to establish connection with our target audiences. At the same time, we strive to forge partnerships that leave a meaningful impact on our efforts to promote the diversity of MG cars, which are suited to a variety of tastes and age groups due to their versatile range, features and specifications.”

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