The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed welcomed Mr. John Leu Weidong in his office in the authority’s headquarter in Isa Town to discuss future plans and areas of collaboration between the two entities.

The meeting considered means of collaboration with regards to IT and how to recruit it in the local market based on the latest global trends in a way that serves the citizens and the matter of upscaling the provided services to them in the first place.

During the meeting, AlQaed welcomed Huawei’s support to the several technical project in the Kingdom. AlQaed also commended the company’s continues role in providing the authority’s needed technology to improve its performance and praising the company’s efforts in promoting the Digital Transformation through numerous projects and initiatives held by them in collaboration with deferent governmental entities.

For his part, Mr. Weidong’s praised the current collaboration with the authority and assured on Huawei’s readiness to support the authority’s projects and initiatives on a way that will be beneficial for the users in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mr. Weidong also pointed on the leading role in the field of information and eGovernment that the Kingdom of Bahrain is characterized by.