Mummy Makeover


    While having children can be the ultimate gift, it can also result in physical changes to the body that no amount of diet or exercise can help. In addition to causing extra deposits of fat to form in the abdominal area, pregnancy stretches the skin and the underlying stomach muscles, leaving the area with stretch marks and loose, overhanging skin. The breasts can also be affected due to hormonal changes and breastfeeding, ultimately leading to loss in volume and breast sag.

    A mummy makeover is any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typical makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk. These procedures are usually performed together as an all-inclusive package. Patients may also benefit from fat injection to the buttocks and vaginal tightening.

    Any healthy woman who has experienced an unfavorable change in the shape and/or size of her breasts and abdomen after losing weight or having a baby is a candidate for a mummy makeover.

    An ideal candidates’ family is complete and is at least 6 months removed from the last pregnancy.

    If any of the following concerns affect you and you wish to do something about it, you may be an ideal candidate for a Mummy Makeover.

    l Sagging breasts that no longer appear youthful

    l Loose skin and stretch marks around and below the midsection

    l Protruding abdomen as a result of stretched muscles during pregnancy

    l Persistent pockets of excess fat anywhere on the body

    For suitable surgical candidates, Mummy Makeover procedures can:

    l Help you get a firmer, well contoured and smoother looking stomach

    l Reposition, contour and uplift your breasts to help ‘relocate’ them to where they were before you had children

    l Have you feel more comfortable wearing fitted, tailored clothing again as well as feeling more comfortable in bikinis, swimwear, sleeveless clothing and lingerie.

    l Remove the bulging appearance that’s commonly called “a muffin top”

    l Return your body confidence and sense of femininity

    l Restore the contours that help you feel more desirable and body-confident

    Whilst Tummy, Breast and Body Contouring procedures can help remedy parts of your body that cannot be fixed by exercise or good nutrition alone, it is important to exercise and maintain a healthy weight for best results. And it’s important to have realistic expectations of what surgery can, and cannot, do for your body.

    Dr. Salil Bharadwaj

    Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Bahrain Specialist Hospital

    Email: [email protected]