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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Traditional Food of Bahrain

It is interesting to note how food...

Time for your annual vehicle traffic inspection?

With the latest update of the eTraffic...

“Thai Street Market” Opened at Oasis Mall, Juffair

A three-day street market highlighting Thai food...

New brain-training game for schizophrenia sufferers

The Wizard brain-training game is intended to boost episodic memory in people with schizophrenia. That’s the type of memory needed to remember where you’ve parked your car or left your keys, and it’s particularly impaired in schizophrenia sufferers. With no licensed drug treatment for such cognitive impairments, this game could be a way of helping people cope in their daily lives, and it could even help them get back to work.

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The University of Cambridge has licensed Wizard as part of the Peak brain-training app on iOS and Android, releasing today as the Cambridge University & Peak Advanced Training Plan.

The game is a collaboration between psychologists, neuroscientists, a professional game-developer, and people with schizophrenia. It weaves a memory task into a story and rewards progress with additional gameplay activities.

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