Own a Public Transportation Business? Visit Bahrain.bh to speed up your transactions!

Public Transportation Service Online

A smooth and efficient public transportation is an important part of any country’s infrastructure. Bahrain.bh can help companies and individuals by speeding up their vehicle registration renewals through a user-friendly payment platform.

Launched by the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), in cooperation with the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the eService allows business owners and contractors to renew the registrations of public transport vehicles, such as taxis and tour buses, directly.

Commercial Registration (CR) holders can benefit from this service. It allows for a far more convenient method of registration renewal. They can pay all transportation fees to the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication as well. As for individuals who own public transport vehicles, they can renew registration through the My Traffic Record service available on the same portal and available on eTraffic app.

The eService is in line with GDT’s commitment to offering high quality services to all citizens and residents. It falls within iGA’s framework of supporting the digital transformation of all the Kingdom’s government entities.

This is one of several eServices provided by GDT through National Portal and eTraffic app available on Bahrain.bh/apps. For more information, please visit the National Portal at bahrain.bh, or download Tawasul app available on Bahrain.bh/apps. Please follow us on @iGAbahrain to be updated on all iGA’s services.