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Rotary Clubs and Nakheel Centre Collaborate for Eid Celebration

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The Rotary Clubs of Bahrain, including Manama, Salmaniya, Seef Bahrain, Rotaract Clubs of Bahrain, and Muharraq, came together to host the Eid Celebration titled Smile of Hope in a collaboration with Nakheel Centre and MC Ali Yaseen on April 12th. The event featured a vibrant show led by Ali Yaseen, enthralling performances by a local band, and an engaging quiz competition with exciting prizes, bringing joy to families of diverse backgrounds.

Rotarians worked hand in hand to ensure the success of the event, actively participating in crowd management, the distribution of gifts, and fostering audience engagement throughout the celebration. Attendees were treated to traditional local coffee and sweets, adding a touch of Bahraini hospitality to the festive atmosphere.

In line with Rotary’s core values of Diversity & Inclusion, members from prominent organisations such as the Bahrain Deaf Society, Dreams Society, Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, and Al Rahma Centre were extended special invitations to join the festivities, underscoring the spirit of unity and community support that the Rotary clubs embody.

The Smile of Hope Eid Celebration served as a testament to the Rotary Clubs of Bahrain’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, spreading joy, and creating memorable experiences for all members of the community. With the support of Nakheel Centre and the enthusiastic participation of MC Ali Yaseen, the event truly encapsulated the essence of unity and togetherness, bringing smiles to faces and warmth to hearts on this special occasion.

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