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Social Media Management – Made comprehensive with single window

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Social Life Management is launching today via a website and iOS/Android apps helps in managing your online social profile in better ways.

If online users think you’re a dog, or worse, that could affect your search for a job or a date, your ability to launch a new business, or your success in getting into your chosen college. Apparently, there are a lot of people wanting to better their online selves. A 2012 Harris Interactive study found that 75 percent of respondents had Googled themselves, and nearly half of those said the results were not positive.

Developed over a year-long beta phase, Social Life offers a basketful of search engine optimization, public relations, legal, and reputation management tools for checking, managing, and fixing your personal reputation or that of your business.

The key idea is to increase the good stuff said about you online, and decrease or suppress the negative or false stuff.

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To do that, the company has created what it describes as a combination of “Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Reputation.com.” It revolves around the Social Life score, which ranges from 100 to 400 and which the company compares to a FICO credit score.

Although the company is guarded about the factors going into the Score — so as to protect its “secret sauce” — it told me the ingredients include search placement, the Alexa ranking of the sites where you appear, keywords whose searching summons your name or brand, and sentiment analysis that detects the tone of what’s written about you.

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