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Let New Year Start on a Happy Note

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The advent of the New Year is going to be a season of joy instead of just a one-day affair thanks to the fact that it coincides with the weekend. But let us pray to God no one gets involved in a mishap on the road as the year 2016 dawns.

To ensure this, the first and foremost rule to observe by all drivers is not to speed. Speeding indeed is the primary cause of most serious accidents on highways. While one must at all times drive at a moderate speed in full control of one’s vehicle, this rule becomes all the more important at a time when it is an occasion of joy and one is in an euphoric mood.

But however happy the occasion, it cannot be a licence to ignore the rules of the road. So apart from not speeding, do not unnecessarily try to overtake vehicles on the road on the pretext of trying to save a few minutes of driving time. And it goes without saying that on no account must you jump the red signal.

If you are returning from a private party or a hotel bash then you must doubly ensure you observe the above rules; you’d be surprised to discover in what tearing hurry some road-users are whizzing past you. But past midnight is not the time to compete with them. Late into the night on New Year’s eve and on New Year day itself a lot of people might be driving around not a little inebriated and it is best to maintain a distance from them.

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While returning home late at night, if one by chance discovers a red light but no vehicle movement on a deserted traffic crossing, even then one must not be tempted to ‘take a chance’ and jump the red signal. You never know from which direction a speeding car might appear, legitimately cutting across its ‘green’ signal.

And amid all this, one must make it a point of wearing one’s seatbelt and keeping the children confined to the back seat; no child must sit in the front seat whatever the situation. In other words a happy occasion or a holiday cannot be an excuse to overlook the basic and cardinal rules of driving.

And even in the day, if taking children on an outing to a park or shopping mall, all the rules of good parking should be observed for your own convenience and that of others. Thus, you must ensure to occupy just one parking slot and not park in such a manner as to cover two slots. If you are unable to find parking closer to your desired location, that cannot be a reason to double-park; never block the exit of any properly-parked vehicle.

Have a happy New Year!

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