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The International School of Creative Science Bahrain Hosts a Welcoming Event for Parents

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The International School of Creative Science (ISCS) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the management of Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International (BEAM), held a welcoming event for parents on Monday 25th March, at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

The event commenced with a welcoming speech from the school’s leadership team including Salah Bukhatir, BEAM Chairman and CEO, Shadi Hassan, General Manager of BEAM, Ahmed Al-Talib, the Principal of ISCS Bahrain, Nabil Khalfey, Vice Principal of ISCS Bahrain, as well as Shaima Amin, Head of Registration at ISCS Bahrain. They expressed their delight in inaugurating the new school in the Kingdom, emphasizing the school’s commitment to providing exceptional educational experience that nurtures innovation, critical thinking, and academic excellence.

During the event, attendees engaged with the school’s leadership team, gaining valuable insights into the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and extracurricular activities offered at ISCS Bahrain.

“The International School of Creative Science in Bahrain is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive educational journey rooted in moral values and ethics, within a nurturing and inclusive environment, where all students are encouraged to thrive and excel,” commented Salah Bukhatir, BEAM Chairman and CEO.

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He added: “In addition to our steadfast dedication to values and principles, ISCS Bahrain takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, setting a high standard in the Kingdom of Bahrain. From modern classrooms equipped with latest technology, to fully equipped laboratories for science, visual arts, and others, alongside expansive recreational spaces, we are committed to creating an optimal learning environment for our students.”

ISCS Bahrain’s inaugural academic year is all set to welcome students from FS1 to Year 6, with comprehensive plans for expanding to higher grade levels in subsequent years.

For more information about the International School of Creative Science, Bahrain, and its programs, please visit https://iscs.sch.ae/bahrain/ .

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