Transform Your Life with Image and Style: Interview with Nazia Mustafa

Nazia Mustafa

Nazia Mustafa, the owner and Founder of Moda Vestire is making changes in many women’s lives.

Nazia understands that fashion changes people’s perception of a person. With her, vast conceptual and customized boutique experience, Nazia chooses unique collections for her customers that make them feel more confident and liberal.

Nazia Mustafa believes in realizing women’s rights and to take a stand for women’s equality as it gives a morale boost to newcomers. She has inherited her passion for fashion from her mother and her ideologies go well with 2020 theme of International Women’s Day “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”.

Nazia Mustafa, a multi-talented personality with an inspiration for many women with her supreme fashion aesthetic sense, successful entrepreneurship, commitment to social responsibilities, being a great family person and a devoted mother.

In the interview with Bahrain This Week, Nazia Mustafa details how her works make transformations in the lives of women in Bahrain.

We will start by knowing more about Moda Vestire. Can you detail the story of its origin and uniqueness?

VESTIRE FASHION BOUTIQUE opened its first Conceptual Fusion Dresses Boutique store at India in July 2014. It opened to meet the demand for unique, Classy, high end, clothing, and accessories for women. It is a high-class boutique, offering complete makeover of customers by its physical appearance, Skin color, and Style. At Vestire Fashion Boutique, our goal is to “transform your life and make you feel different!”

Nowadays Women are becoming more and more concerned with the “image and Style”. The unique collections that set Vestire Fashion Boutique apart from its competitor is its “Customized Unique Fusion Dress” concept. Our goal is to enhance women’s wardrobes by expanding their choices through accessories and mix and match concepts. The boutique will offer fashion coordination and determine the best colors and styles for each client.

Who inspired the fashion sense in you?

From childhood, I was very fashion conscious. We grew up seeing my mother carefully assemble her wardrobe. She worked with weavers, embroiders and tailors back home in India even though we lived abroad. I had impeccable taste and I think my fondness for intricate chikankari, gotta patti work, mukaish embellishments and the unique sequined embroidery of Utter Pradesh and Bihar stems from these childhood memories.

Personally, how do you define ‘fashion?

According to me, fashion is about expressing your identity by the way you dress or carry yourself. It not all about choosing the right garment, but also carrying with confidence some people tend to choose western wear to make themselves presentable, whereas some feel really stylish in ethnic wear.

Do you believe a good sense of fashion empowers women?

Yes off course, its change the people’s perception towards women and women feel more confident, liberal and empowered.

On this International Women’s Day, what’s your message to women in Bahrain?

Supporting and celebrating women’s rights is a year-round responsibility. But on International Women’s Day (IWD), it’s even more important to take a stand for women’s equality and it gives a morale boost to newcomers.

Moda Vestire, home of collections from leading designers of the subcontinent and the Arab world is a proof of your passion for fashion. Who are the major designers featured here?

The Moda Vestire collection caters to a discerning clientele of stylish women. It specializes in fusion handcrafted designer wear featuring the trendy labels of top Indian Pakistani designer like: Natasha Kamal, Amritha Thakur, Faiza Saqlain, Pink Tree, Vipul Shah, Pink Potli, Riana jewelry, Bahraini designer Hessa Al Mania, and Jordanian designer Reem Dhabour.

How do you choose and suggest the collections at Moda Vestire?

At Moda Vestire we suggest and offer complete makeover of customer by her physical appearance, Skin color, and Style. Our goal is to “transform your life and make you feel different!”

What are the major changes in women’s fashion that you have noticed over the years? Especially in comparison between the tastes of your mother and yourself.

We notice that over the years people mostly like the fusion wear. They can blend their fashion taste together as well overall it looks very stylish and trendy.

Which designs do you choose and favor for yourself? Why?

My choice will be ethnic wear because wear a perfect dress as per the occasion is an art and choose it accordingly. A perfect balance needs to be maintained in all things. We should promote our culture and be very much attached to our roots.

How has the Kingdom inspired your fashion endeavors?

Bahraini women and expats in Bahrain is very fashion-conscious and they have taken our fashion fusion concept with great interest.