Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) conducted a global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local and national competitions to qualify GSEA Finals. GSEA was founded in 1998 by Saint Louis University, is now an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program. A qualified competitor will be them to Toronto, Canada for the Global Finals held in 14-17 April 2018.

Bahrain GSEA organizer is Mr Safa Sharif (EO) with judges being Esmahan Bokhowa (Saar Mall), Mohamed Ahamadi and Hassan Yaseen (Tamkeen) Fareed Bader (Bader Group).

Read on to find out more about Nada Rahimi and her project.

Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

My name is Nada A.Rahman Sharif Rahimi, a current Management bachelor student at Bahrain Polytechnic. I come from a multicultural family background and happily married to Mr A.Rahim Salmeen. I like to think of myself as one with a flair to arts, sketching, painting and cooking.

Tell us about your current business. What are you doing exactly?

Prep-a-Plate is about giving people the freedom of creating their dishes in their own kitchens. Basically, a customer would choose a dish from a pre-selected menu, and I would prepare all the ingredients needed, and by prepare, I mean clean, cut, box and label each ingredient according to a specific recipe. The customer will receive a package with the ingredients in containers, along with an easy to follow recipe and a serving suggestion.

When did you start the idea of Prep-a-Plate?

The raw idea started in early 2016 but actually started in April 2017.

How did you come up with Prep-a-Plate?

I had issues managing my personal life, my working hours and my studying hours, and thus decided to change the unhealthy diet. I used to have previous to Prep-a-Plate. I started preparing my family’s meals ingredients so when a meal time comes, I’d only apply a recipe for the food to be ready, which saved 60% of my food preparation time, not to mention that it is a healthy alternative to takeaways and junk food.

What kind of meals and cuisine does Prep-a-Plate deliver?

For now, the menu is not very wide, one or two dishes from the Arabic, Italian, Indian and European cuisine, trying to satisfy the majority of my customers’ taste.

Tell us about your accolades and achievements?

The idea won the first place prize of Investcorp investment bank of business innovation in February 2017 and was a finalist in Tamkeen’s Mashroo3i program for youth innovation in June 2017. Most recently I have been placed the first in OE GSEA competition and will be travelling to Canada next April to compete in the international version.

What’s your plan for 2018?

I plan to expand the range of provided menu and move the ordering system to an application that is a work in progress now.

What challenges do you face? Do you have any team?

I have faced many challenges, the most significant is having to manage my time between studying, working, taking care of my family and improving my business idea. For Prep-a-Plate I have no team, but currently working on a new concept with a future partner.

How would the app in future help prevent food waste?

When the customer is in the ordering stage, they are able to choose the number of portions they’d like to have, and it is calculated accurately on the person’s need of nutrition in a meal. using that concept, a customer will have a sufficient portion with no excess food to throw out. Another way is reducing the trips to the supermarket, therefore less emotional shopping, and less amount of ingredients picked up.

What specific advice would you have for young women who would like to become an entrepreneur?

I would only advise them to be resilient. they are young and have so much energy and ideas to invest in their futures. No matter what challenges that may come across, they will be able to face them, overcome them and use them to improve their ideas.