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Go Gorgeous… Brings Beauty Home

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If you’ve ever wondered about the role of intuition in marketing, check out the epic success of Go Gorgeous. Instinct can lead to logical decision-making—and delighting your customers. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Please introduce you.

My name is Fatima Mohamed Saeed. I’m 25 years old, and I live on the beautiful, sunny island of Bahrain. I’m the owner of Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon, and our slogan is: Why go to a salon when it can come to YOU?

The concept was introduced to Bahrain just three years ago. I sometimes forget how far we’ve come: from a sudden intuition to years of planning, to success. We utilise a mobile point-of-sale platform, and the demand for these services is ongoing. Women want to feel good all the time, and I wanted to make that happen—but with an edge!

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Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon doesn’t just provide services—we provide experiences. We found out that some women are too busy caring for their home, husband, and children, and many prefer to spend time with their family rather than go out for beautify services. Slowly, we began to cater to them.

Go Gorgeous Mobile Salon offers manicures, pedicures, facials, threading, waxing, hairdressing, and makeup in addition to all of the services offered by other, non-mobile salons. We go to houses, offices, hotels, apartments, and even hospitals. We can create personalised
packages too.

What made you leave your job and start your business? How did it start?

I’ve always had a creative spirit, and the older I became, the harder it was to keep it all in. I felt like I had ideas that needed to be expressed—and, most importantly, shared.

It started with a gut feeling, a bit of winging it, and dedication. I began to think of solutions to problems my friends and I had, and I even had them brainstorm with me. The mobile idea was fun, simple enough to start, and something I could expand upon eventually. Most importantly, it wouldn’t lose relevance. When do women not want to feel good? Especially in the comfort of their own home?

How are people responding to this new idea? Do you think you’ll face heavy competition in this space soon?

The response has been overwhelming. Once people got used to the convenience and quality of our services, they became regulars.

I know that we will face competition. It’s inevitable. We are planning to expand, inject more creativity into what we do, and
never settle.

Would you consider expanding in the near future? In Bahrain, or abroad?

We are planning to expand, and we’re very excited about it. It will be in Bahrain for now. Another location isn’t feasible yet, but when it feels right, we will cross borders. Our expansion plans are a bit of a secret, but Startup Bahrain will definitely be the first to know!

What challenges were you faced with?

Creating the idea and bringing it to life was the first challenging chapter. The next was getting people to believe in our idea. I would like to stress how difficult it was to go to people and say, “Try it out, and let us provide you with a free service in exchange for feedback.”

How did people come to know about your business?

Social media is a powerful tool, and it’s free, too! We took advantage of the social platforms people were using in Bahrain. Instagram and Snapchat were our best tools. We also published an article in the GDN last year entitled “Salon on Wheels Launched,” and we plan to do the same in the future. Traditional media is always important.

We didn’t just target people; we targeted their feelings. We knew who needed comfort the most, and we approached them. We collected birthdays as well as significant holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, etc. We filled our calendar and created customized themes. We made our clients feel special, and created relationships along the way.

Why would you advise people to start their own businesses?

Here are my 5 golden rules that will help anyone who wants to start their own legacy.

1. Don’t be scared to do something different. You can’t lose your spark, because that’s what you start with. Once you lose your own self-confidence, everything else will shatter.

2. Put yourself in their shoes. If you want to provide a service, act like the person receiving that service.

3. Convincing yourself takes a bit of time, but to go out there and convince the rest takes endless nights of hard work. It’s never easy in the beginning, but it then it becomes very rewarding.

4.   Balance it all. Save some time for yourself, because there will be days when you miss the
“easy life.”

5.   Not everything will go according to plan. Learn to take rejection and criticism. Use them to your advantage.

Did you receive any financial support from any organisations in Bahrain, such as Tamkeen? What was your experience like?

I’d like to express my thanks to Tamkeen and the community overall for allowing me to challenge myself. In addition, I’m blessed to have friends and family around me who believe in my capabilities. Now that we have been in business for three years, I want to give back by sharing my story and becoming a mentor.

What would you say was the biggest hurdle to starting your own business?

I would say it’s maintaining consistent energy. You’re going to have days when you feel desperate and ridiculous, and that’s okay. Keep going until you have absolutely run out
of options.

Do you think people should pursue starting their own businesses in the face of regional economic challenges?

This is our time to turn that around. We are the generation that is coming up with solutions for our country and future generations.

We have seen a trend of younger people expressing their dreams and passion. In Bahrain, it’s just starting. It’s like a domino effect—you see a few people out there trying to make a difference, and the rest will follow.

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This interview was originally published and conducted by Startup MGZN here: [Link]

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