400 Scientific Researches On Gifted Education Conducted at ‘AGU’

AGU Gifted Education Research

A recent statistic showed that a total of 400 PhD and Master’s researches in the field of gifted education conducted at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) were approved in the period from 1994 to 2019.

The figures showed that 333 Master’s and 67 PhD theses were approved in the same period; a new accomplishment that adds to the rich list of achievements attained by the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) in the University.

These statistics came as a result of a review of the researches and studies conducted in the Gifted Education Department at AGU throughout the past 25 years. It aims to provide information for students, academic staff members and researchers in the department and outside it, giving them a quick and comprehensive idea of the reality and features of scientific research methodology used in the department since its inception back in 1991 to the current period.

This revision and analysis are useful in acknowledging the topics raised, the areas covered and the prevailing trends in the research methodology, offering the opportunity to know the areas that are focused on and the areas that need more research. These studies also help in finding information that contributes to planning and directing the research policy in the Gifted Education Department.

According to the statistics, the conducted researches dealt with many variables, as the researches of the Master’s theses focused on studies in creativity, talented programmes and curricula, and the variables related to personality.

As for the PhD theses, the researches focused on creativity studies as well, in addition to studies in thinking skills, psychological aspects of gifted students and the methods of education and thinking.