“Alwane” Society Calls on Businesswomen to participate in “Sarajevo Al Halal” Exhibition host by Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) in Bosnia from 27th to 29th September, 2018.

Mr. Ammar Awachi, chairman of Alwane Society, said that participation in such Forum allows Bahraini entrepreneurs to play a greater role in developing economic and invest relations between Bahrain and Bosnia, as well as the social and cultural role in strengthening fraternal relations between the two countries.

Ammar said that Alwane Bahrain Society is to raise the participation of women in various economic activities; it is their duty to guide the pioneers and businesswomen wishing to participate in this exhibition to benefit from the facilities and services provided by the Bahrain-Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for Friendship and Business Society (BBHS) headed by Mr. Jawad Al-Hawaj, Praising the role of BBHS in promoting tourism, economic, cultural and social cooperation between the two countries, and its efforts to support the goal of opening a direct flight line between them.

“The Balkan countries generally fall within the framework of emerging markets that offer unexplored investment opportunities to date. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the safe and suitable environment for the investment of Bahraini businessmen. Their government has taken many steps in this regard, including canceling the visa for Bahrainis and supporting Bahraini businessmen and investors through Laws that support, stimulate and multiply investment. “Awachi said

He added that participation in the “Sarajevo Halal” providing opportunities for further partnerships between Bahraini businesswomen and their Bosnian counterparts in various fields, including training, health, real estate, etc.