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A Graceful Giver to Society

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She is the Community Director of the Rotary Club of Manama, a Board Member of the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral & Communication Difficulties and also  Vice Chairman & Executive Director of Bader Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L.  And at bottom, a relentless lover of humanity who’s passion and calling is to dedicate herself to the cause of the betterment of society. Meet Roaya Baqer, a glorious daughter of Bahrain!

Tell us something briefly about yourself: your place of birth, educational background, any memorable childhood incident.

My name is Roaya Baqer married to Fareed Bader and a mother of 2 wonderful kids. I was born and raised in Bahrain, and a Civil Engineer Graduate from Glasgow University in Scotland. I had a wonderful childhood being the only daughter amongst two brothers! I was always given extra love and attention.

Give us a brief summary of your professional background.

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I worked as a Civil Engineer in the Ministry of Works, and then joined my husband in his company Bader Group. We own a factory for water proofing membrane and another factory for insulated wall claddings. We are also involved in property development in Bahrain and abroad.

Social work: Were you interested in this right from your childhood?

Since childhood, I always felt responsible while seeing my parents help others. Social responsibilities grew with me and life experiences helped me practice it in a more professional way.

Tell us about important projects undertaken by the Rotary Club under your able leadership.

As a Community Service Director in Rotary Club of Manama, we distributed 100 schoolbags and stationery to 100 orphans in public schools.  We took 42 elderly male and female parents out of their daycare for lunch and entertainment with Rotary members to one of Bahrain’s traditional restaurants.  In addition, we took 10 kids from Alia Centre for Autism to Rotary Green House where they were given seeds to plant and harvest their crops 2 months later.  We are in the process of decorating the Oncology Ward and the Chemotherapy Rooms in Salmaniya Medical Centre with some mediating and relaxing Art Work with the help of a group of well-known artists who volunteered to do this noble work!  We are also raising money to buy a device called Cytometer. This device costs BD 80K and is used in early diagnose and treatment of leukemia and other cancers. This device is going to be donated to the Children Oncology Unit at Salmaniya Medical Centre.  Finally, we intend to distribute Ramadan Food Boxes to needy families all over Bahrain before the holy month of Ramadan.

When and how did you come to be associated with the Bahrain Society for Children with Communicational & Behavioral Difficulties?

I joined Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral & Communication Difficulties in April 2004. I joined the society on their first awareness event, and I am a board member since then.

Any special awards/recognitions achieved by you or any organization (due to your contribution) that you have been associated with?

Rotary Club of Manama has focused on Children in whole or in part during 50 years of service and was awarded last year in the Rotary District Conference for its excellence in its Community Service projects, International projects, Vocational services, Public Relation & Rotary Image, and Club Admin Services.

How would you define a ‘successful woman’?

A woman who is determined and inspires others to be successful is considered a “Successful Woman”. Success is based on the ability to do better than just good enough!!

How do you think any individual can contribute towards the betterment of society?

By joining charity clubs! I always wanted to do something good for my society but it wasn’t easy until I joined these 2 charitable societies. “One hand can’t do or give much, but a group of hands can achieve, do and give a lot more!”

Which are the areas that needs more social work and workers, in Bahrain?

Health & Environment.

What is your message to the youth of Bahrain?

Real happiness isn’t in material things. Real happiness is in appreciating what you have by giving or sharing part of what you have with those less fortunate.  A giving person is a happy person.  A positive youth will be a productive youth, therefore, a successful adult.

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