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AGU and UoB Sign MoU to Expand Research Publishing Horizons on the “AGUsoft” Platform

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His Excellency Dr Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dr Fouad Al Ansari, President of the University of Bahrain (UoB).

The Memorandum aims to strengthen efforts in scientific publishing in the GCC universities creatively, effectively and attractively, in a way that delivers the Master’s and PhD dissertations issued by them to universities, research centres, studies and research institutions, institutes, intellectual institutions and thought banks at the Gulf, regional, and global levels.

This will contribute to increasing the citations of these scientific theses, knowing the number of people browsing the abstracts of the scientific theses and uploading those theses to the AGUsoft platform.

During the signing ceremony, Dr Al Fuhaid welcomed the efforts to deepen research cooperation with UoB. He described the signing of the MoU as an important step that will strengthen the relationship between the two universities in the field of research and publishing.

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He further underlined that this cooperation will enrich the quality of education and research innovation, stating that this signing is the beginning of a fruitful strategic partnership that will work to strengthen and increase the influence of Gulf universities scientifically and intellectually.

“This memorandum will increase publication in the Hirsch index “index-h” for researchers, including graduate students, academics and professors supervising the conduct and implementation of research and dissertations. This will be reflected in the ranking of the two universities at the global level,” Dr Al Fuhaid added.

For his part, Dr Al Ansari stressed the importance of signing the memorandum with AGU, emphasising its role in forming effective joint research cooperation between the two universities, in line with UoB’s endeavour to enhance future research horizons to advance the reality of scientific research in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He commented: “Expanding the circle of publishing at the local, regional, and global levels will help bring Gulf universities to more advanced ranks in international classifications. This will contribute to making research and messages a tool for advancing knowledge. It will also contribute to finding creative solutions to various technical, social, and educational issues.”

It’s noteworthy that the memorandum aims to provide the opportunity for governmental, private, industrial, and educational institutions in the GCC countries to access studies issued in Gulf universities. This is for the purpose of providing opportunities to hold contractual projects and enhance research and development thinking.

Additionally, it aims to publish Master’s and PhD theses issued by UoB on the specialised AGUsoft platform, creating an information bank on various fields of graduate studies to facilitate access to university theses available to all users through the platform.

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