Dr Ahmed Mohammed Al-Abbasi, lecturer in the Gifted and Talented Programme at the College of Graduate Studies in the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), presented three working papers in two scientific conferences. namely the Creativity Conference which took place at the University of southern Oregon in the United States in August and the 126th Congress of the American Psychological Society held in San Francisco. In the latter event, Dr Al-Abbasi received second place for scientific papers presented in the Middle East, ahead of 115 scientific papers submitted to the competition.

In his paper, “The Hierarchy of the Creative Problem: A Proposed Model for Understanding the Discovery of the Problem”, Dr Abbasi presented a new model for studying the problem in creative ways, allowing researchers to investigate this concept in an organised scientific way. The second paper dealt with the issue of creativity, women and gender differences in creativity, In which he called for further studies that address the creativity of Arab women in general and the Gulf in particular, due to the lack of research in this aspect.

He also discussed the results of research conducted on the obstacles of creativity in the Gulf women, which is currently being published by one of the international publishing agencies. The third paper dealt with the development of the measurement of thinking, which are often used to measure the creative potential of children and adults.

Dr Abbasi’s research suggests that there is an ideal time to apply such tests in optimal time through the advanced analysis of the data of the research sample, which may contribute to solve the dispute over the best time for the application of thinking tests.

It is worth mentioning that AGU gives the highest priority to scientific research in all fields of education, technology and medical and provides support to all members of the university to conduct scientific researches that contribute to the service of science and finding practical solutions to the most important issues in the GCC.