Systems & programs were updated to ensure smoothness & speed of delivery

The Chief Executive of Information & eGovernment Authority Mr. Mohamed Ali AlQaed announced the launch of the third phase of issuing the new revamped Identity Card, catered to all Bahraini citizens that have applied through various channels that include online services , fast track or Service Centers located in Isa Town and Muharraq.

The new revamped ID card was launched last January, following the success of the pilot first phase that targeted Bahraini newborns only, while the second phase included Bahraini citizens that applied online , or via the Fast Track lounges available in Isa Town & Muharraq Service Centers, to ensure the readiness of procedures for all printers in all branches, without any disturbance or delays.

AlQaed highlighted that the new applied procedures were guided by the directions of H.E. Lt. General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa Minister of Interior, in an aim to develop the processes and simplify the services while maintaining the high quality and users satisfaction, keeping abreast of the latest technologies according to the international standards (ICAO).

Prior to launching the third phase, the concerned Authority Identity Card technical team went through a series of follow-ups and monitoring of the progress of the project to be able to to overcome any challenges that occurred during the issuance process of the new look and feel revamped ID Card.

AlQaed added that current phase has been implemented following several updates made on the relevant systems such as the printing management system, Population Registry Central system, along with the ID Card updating system and the electronic ID Card reader. He further added that phases also included the issuance of online transactions applied by citizens. The current phase includes all citizens applied through the various channels, the online, or booking appointments or personal visits.

Several visits were arranged to Photography Studios within the Kingdom of Bahrain to share and explain the new ID Card photo requirements, noting the new enlarged size of the photograph with a gray color background color number (RGB 168,168,168), & specifications required to assist all customers . Further details on photo’s criteria are available in the Identity Card eservice on

It is worth noting that last January, iGA has revealed the details of the revamped Identity card with its whole new look and feel, designed to keep abreast with the latest international technologies and in line with the high-standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). A bundle of other technically advanced features include the durable material used in producing the card and its resistance to damage, finer quality of font, as well as the new feature added to replace the Special Needs cards provided previously by Ministry of Labour and Social Development.