For the first time in the UAE, Annada launches their products in the monumental Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi. The Bahraini brand fills The Louvre’s gift shop with an abundance of artistic scarves and stationary featuring the artwork of renowned Middle Eastern artists.

Annada transforms art into luxury lifestyle products, by collaborating with artists and printing their paintings on scarves, paper products, apparel and more.

Middle Eastern artists can now take center stage at the most celebrated museum in the Gulf. Backed by renowned artists across the region, Annada collaborates with artists to transform their artwork into luxury lifestyle items, paper products, scarves, apparel and more.

“This is a chapter that we’re looking forward to enjoy with our artists and to gain the appeal of audiences from all over the world. Art is something we always champion in our designs and to see our products be presented at The Louvre is a dream.” Founder Nada Alawi states.

“We were so excited to share this news with all our artists, art is a language of the world and we always make sure our pieces are just as timeless as the art itself.” Adds Co-Founder Noor Alawi

As the Saadiyat Island waters ripple and the bustle of art lovers worldwide gather under the dome of The Louvre, Annada’s silks fall beautifully on the shelves of the gift shop giving art enthusiasts and tourists a wearable directory of Arabic artists of all realms.

For those who wish to explore the art scene in The Gulf, Annada gives the best introduction by giving the onlookers an extract of the art that captures their hearts. With a story about the art and the artist’s name packed in each box alongside the artistic scarf, the customers are provided with a tangible memory of their museum experience.

A testament of the art renaissance present in the Middle East in these times, Annada reigns a new movement of promoting an artist’s work beyond canvas. Hand in hand with The Louvre, Abu Dhabi symbolizing a celebration of Middle Eastern art, the future of our culture’s crossover is assured.

Artist Areej Rajab expresses her excitement “As a Bahraini artist, I am so proud and thrilled at the same time to say that my art with Annada will be displayed in The Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi it’s been a pleasure working with Annada, being a genuine Bahraini brand with top style and great appreciation for art…”

Annada’s curated selection of scarves features art reminiscent of Middle Eastern roots, with a stand out piece titled “Lead The Way” by artist Abbas AlMosawi presenting an image of an old Souq with flashes of people in traditional wear such as “The Thob”. These artworks have been a favorite amongst the crowds at The Louvre’s gift shop giving visitors an authentic memorabilia of The Gulf.

An abundance of artistry and innovative design intertwined with a desire to share art with the world, year after year Annada is reinventing people’s exposure to art and how they perceive it. Founded by sisters Nada and Noor Alawi in 2011, the brand has experienced a tremendous growth of collaborators over the past 6 years from having two artist collaborators to over twenty across the region. The brand’s mission is to bridge cultures and industries to grant their customers expressive, sentimental and emotional experiences. The collective has been awarded the Bahraini Female Entrepreneur Honor by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka President of the Supreme Council for Women, and has held a nomination for The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship.