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Bahrain and Kuwait Celebrate Deep-rooted Fraternal Relations

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The State of Kuwait celebrates its glorious national days every February 25 and 26 to commemorate a long honourable history of national cohesion, unity, sacrifice and dedication to serving and building the state.

The Kingdom of Bahrain and its people share with the State of Kuwait its celebration of its 63rd National Day and 33rd Liberation Day, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mishal Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, the Amir.

Bahrain and Kuwait share deep-rooted relations of fraternity and kinship, even ahead of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in 1971. Indeed, bilateral relations were established by the forefathers hundreds of years ago, which is evident in their common cultural, social and religious values, as well as in their similar stances, Arab traditions and common destiny.

As a result, the two countries’ leaderships’ exchanged visits have always been opportunities for exemplary high-level coordination and consultation vis-à-vis various regional and global issues and challenges, as well as for ways to bolster bilateral cooperation further.   

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The state visit of HH Sheikh Mishal, the Amir of Kuwait, to Bahrain on February 13 was no exception. In fact, it reflected the depth and strength of the fraternal relations, as His Highness was keen to ensure that the kingdom was among the first countries he would visit after assuming power, which reflects the specificity of the Bahraini-Kuwaiti relations.

During the state visit, HM the King conferred the Order of Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa- Exceptional Class Collar, on HH Shaikh Mishal, in appreciation of HH’s efforts in bolstering bilateral relations, reflecting the robust relations between the two countries’ leaderships, as well as their desire to achieve more joint partnership and complementarity in all fields.

The communiqué issued by the two countries following HH Sheikh Mishal’s state visit confirmed the solidity of bilateral relations, with both leaders affirming their keenness to consolidate the distinguished ties between their states.

The two leaders praised the growth of trade relations, bilateral investments and security coordination between the two countries, stressing the importance of expanding bilateral cooperation and joint economic partnership, as well as achieving bilateral integration. They also expressed their determination to explore and develop new economic opportunities, the communiqué said.

According to the joint statement, HH the Amir of Kuwait wished the 33rd Arab Summit, set to be hosted by Bahrain on May 16, every success in enhancing joint Arab action, as well as in unifying Arab efforts to confront challenges, end conflicts and achieve peace, security and stability for Arab peoples.

Economic and investment cooperation between the two countries is growing steadily, thanks to the successive meetings of the high joint cooperation committee since 2002, resulting in the signing of many bilateral agreements, executive programmes and memoranda of understanding in various fields.

While celebrating its 63rd National Day and 33rd Liberation Day, the State of Kuwait continues to attain wide-ranging development achievements. It also continues playing its vital and influential humanitarian work, as reflected in its support for afflicted peoples all over the world, in line with its well-established policy and vision on the importance of stability and development as essential prerequisites for global security and peace.

The State of Kuwait also continues building the state of freedoms and human rights, under the leadership of HH Sheikh Mishal, the Amir.

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