Monday, July 26, 2021

    Bahrain to host fifth Alwani Regional Forum: “Entering Foreign Markets”

    Under the patronage of HE. Zayed R. Alzayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, ALWANI Bahrain Houses Association, in cooperation with the Bahrain Association for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, will organize the “5th ALWANI Regional Forum” at the Sheraton Hotel on February 27th.

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    Alwani Regional Forum will be held this year under the theme of “Entering foreign markets.., opportunities and challenges”. A number of economic experts, entrepreneurs and businessmen will discuss the issue of exporting Bahraini products and services to traditional and new markets.

    This Fifth Forum is mainly concerned with government programs aimed at diversifying the national economy and developing exports, and the efforts of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in cooperation with the Economic Development Board, Tamkeen, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders. Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

    The forum also discusses the importance of providing consultation, services and financial assistance to increase the exports of small and medium enterprises, especially as these institutions constitute more than 90% of the economy. In addition to gaining traditional and new markets, developing non-oil exports from various industrial and advanced industrial products and the SME sector.

    The Fifth Regional Forum is dedicated to the presence of women in Bahrain’s economic landscape, the projects they are working on, how to steer them towards industrial and commercial projects and innovative non-traditional service, and support them to access their products and services to regional markets.

    A number of Bahraini business leaders speak about their experience in the field of establishing and launching projects, the legislative and regulatory environment that supports the presence of women in economic activity, the provision of advisory and financial support, and the impact of all this on the export of the outputs of their projects.

    The forum also discusses the horizon of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America 12 years after its signing. How can the Bahraini manufacturers and traders invest this agreement in order to enter the broad American market and increase exports and establish an industrial base, especially after talking about renegotiating with Washington on the textile industry item in this Agreement.

    In the same context, the forum will discuss how to benefit from the membership of Bahrain in the GCC countries and the World Trade Organization, in addition to trade agreements, and others in the development of Bahraini exports.

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