Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Bahrain Underground Music Movement

    Bahraini musician turned entrepreneur DJ Mysterioo Arif a.k.a Arif Albolushi is revolutionising the music scene in Bahrain. Having first ventured into the industry in 2005, he has since bagged residencies and gigs in some of the most prestigious hotels including the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, Diva Hotel, and Westin Bahrain City Centre.

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    Wanting to create a platform to support local and regional talent, he alongside with his partner Katrin love, also a famed female disc jockey, created the Bahrain Underground Music Movement (BUMM). Read on to find out more as BTW gets candid in a rendezvous with the duo.

    Arif, how did you get into music?

    My grandfather used to be a fiddler, and my love for music was fostered by him. On my 16th birthday, I received my first pair of decks and a mixer. The internet was my main source of knowledge for mastering the basics. This paved the path of my career.

    Who and what are do you both consider as inspirations?

    Inspiration is all around us. The enjoyment we get from making and playing music for the people is what drives our creative energy.

    How do you two see yourselves as catalysts for Bahrain’s untapped house music scene?

    The underground music scene is still relatively young in Bahrain and many people are still unaware of its different facets. It is always challenging to introduce something new to the crowd. However, if you play the right tracks at the right time and take people on an interesting musical journey that creates a special vibe on the dance floor, people will definitely come back for the experience.

    What do you think of all the talented musicians that reside in Bahrain?

    You will be surprised at the sheer number of promising talented people that live in Bahrain. Nowadays, it is harder to make a living as a musician, so for many of them cultivate it as only a hobby. And that is one of the reasons why we decided to create BUMM, which is meant to promote young talents.

    Tell me a little bit about your and Katrin’s BUMM founding journey.

    The idea of creating a community of like-minded music fans has been there for long time. Bahrain was missing the element that unites musicians, who can put our small island on the map of the electronic music movement.

    What message do you have for aspiring musicians?

    Take risks. You may get to a point in your life where your friends have a stable life, which can tempt you into settling for a job you don’t enjoy. But don’t give up on your dreams, keep doing what you are passionate about.

    What’s next in store for you and Kat?

    Lately we have been focusing on music production and are soon releasing our track with a renowned record label.

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