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Bahrain’s Best Waxers

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Full leg? Brazilian? We guide you to the best place to get stripped in town.

No need to fear getting rid of your fuzz; Bahrain’s best waxers will make the experience so good, you’ll look forward to repeating every four-to-six weeks. Half legs, Brazilians, brows and full body waxes too are on the menu, at JOZ salons. So dip into our salon to find the smooth operator for you.

JOZ SALONS specializes in one thing – and one thing only: Waxing you within an inch of your lady bits. It’s a shade more expensive than many salons, but it is worth every painless penny. Therapists use an assortment of their own specially made waxes – the ones that don’t require strips, but rather harden on the skin and get pulled off quickly by the best in the business- we have not encountered a less painful de-hairing service in the capital. The exclusive focus on waxing means that every detail has been considered- from the discreet wet wipe provided on your bed to the locker for your belongings.

The special clientele of our salons don’t tolerate superfluous strays: “They will come for a wax with even TWO hairs” says expert therapist, while deftly whipping off lycon and hot wax and taking every last straggler with it. One of the great things about our salons is that it’s easy to get an appointment, despite the super high standard of service. Pricing is premium but every aspect of your treatment makes it as painless as possible – a discreet set of wipes on arrival, your therapist leaves the room while you undress, and short, sharp movements delivered with an expert hand. Excellent stuff!

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