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Bahrain’s First Solar Powered Car Dealership

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The Infiniti Renault showrooms have become Bahrain’s first car showrooms with solar rooftops, thanks to an eco-friendly initiative undertaken by Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Co. (YKA), in collaboration with the Almoayyed Solar, a division of Almoayyed International Group. Under the auspices of the former, Almoayyed Solar has successfully commissioned a 346 KW Carpark Solar PV Plant on the rooftop of the Infiniti Showroom in Sitra. The project represents the first phase of YKA’s energy sustainability plan, as more sites with this initiative are in the pipeline.

This initiative by YKA is aligned with Bahrain’s Vision 2030 that aims to ensure a sustainable and environment-friendly approach to energy and reduction of carbon footprint. This solar plant would help reduce dependency on EWA’s grid while generating clean energy all year long.

Reduction of carbon footprint being one of YKA main CSR initiatives, the solar carpark will help reduce YKA’s carbon footprint by 326 tonnes every year and over 6,520 tonnes during its design life.

YKA has always been an emblem of excellence and efficiency in every undertaking of theirs, and this project has not been an exception. Almoayyed Solar team successfully executed the project on turnkey basis which included Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The complete scope has been accomplished completely in-house by Almoayyed Solar’s Engineering & Design Team.

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“We are committed to support the country’s shift to clean energy and are proud of our entire team’s efforts on this project. This project is a great milestone and will be a breakthrough for the green energy revolution in the Region”, said Mr. FaroukYusuf Almoayyed, Chairman, YK Almoayyed & Sons.

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