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Batelco Launches Digital STEM Summer Leadership Camp

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Batelco, has announced its support for the STEM Leadership Summer Camp in support of youth across the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and leadership. The digital Camp opened on August 9 and will run until September 6.

The digital training programme, being held in collaboration with BRINC Batelco and Clever Play, aims to foster leaders equipped with relevant skills, knowledge and the required mind-set in preparation to excel in the future business landscape.

Participants in the digital camp are divided into two camps, with Camp 1 for students aged 15-18 and Camp 2 for those aged from 19-22. The programme’s content will cover all business aspects ranging from generating innovative product ideas for revenue generation and cost cutting, to creating the participants’ own business models, allowing them to identify revenue streams and key stakeholders. Throughout the Camp, students will be educated on how to start a business and be provided with the opportunity to prototype their idea through developing a mobile or web app work flow interface, through attending the STEM classes.

The camp will also provide participants with a tailored programme, enabling them to improve their presentation skills and pitching, while also teaching them what should be included in their pitch decks. The camp will conclude with the ideas being shared during a pitching competition in front of a panel of expert judges who will announce the winner with the best idea.

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Through the camp, students will have the opportunity to discover their inner strengths, develop their skills and enhance their self-confidence, while developing leadership skills and ways to establish and implement action plans successfully.

Batelco continues to participate in various initiatives and events to enhance the role of youth in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to provide them with a supportive and encouraging environment. Through this camp, the Company aims to provide young talents with motivation and the necessary skills, while also guiding them towards becoming a key resource for the Bahraini business sector and economy in the coming years.

The company aspires to contribute to the development of Bahrain’s promising youth in line with the requirements of the future digital economy.

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