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“BBC Worldwide” launches the latest channel, “BBC First”

Saata broadcast daily for the finest British drama programs translated in Arabic at peak times

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“BBC Worldwide” announced the launch of the channel, “BBC First” to begin broadcasting as of (Monday), which will give viewers the opportunity to follow the finest British business full of suspense and drama in the Middle East and North Africa region, exclusively for subscribers network channels “SN – OSN “.

And allow “the BBC’s first” to its viewers the possibility to identify the well-known series that won the critics of global impressive, such as soap operas new “Sherlock” and “Luther,” and “Doctor Who,” and “Dr. Foster,” and “Cole a Mdwaev”, and “Holby City” In addition to the production of “BBC” legendary famous “End Lower Pace” of the literary work, and “Dilkensaa,” and “From Darkness” and “Ripper Street”, and “Maaijerit”.

Commenting on the launch of the new channel, Natasha Hussain, vice president and general manager for “BBC Worldwide” in the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, said: “characterized by the BBC always its leadership in the provision of British drama, and we are pleased to offer exclusively to our viewers in Middle East media content special and unique. “

In the context of the BBC’s global strategy, the new channel will replace a substitute for the regional channel, “BBC Entertainment” with the largest investments in the content business, and that will be introduced, which will be aired subtitled in Arabic and two hours a day during peak times.

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For his part, John Farrar, senior vice president of programming and acquisitions in the BBC World said “The bouquet of innovative programs ensure that viewers and passionate followers on private distinct experience with special features offered by the receiver to which OSN , Where they can pursue their preferences. “

Farrar said: “We are a big fan of the British drama unforgettable, and for this we have sought to create a one-stop gathering together.”

Programs, “BBC First” includes many new and distinctive business for big stars, including:

Sherlock and the bride cursed

What if months investigator in the world and his close friend living in the “Baker Street” Street which crossed steam trains and taxis carts pulled by horses, elegant hats and coats short? This is the world in which spin the famous television series Sherlock, which tracks the adventures of the famous friendly in 1895 in an atmosphere of events revolves around the friendship and adventures and crime! Series starring Benedict Cumberbatch famous movie hero (The Imitation Game) And Martin Freeman from the film (The Hobbit) .


Actor Idris Elba, winner of the “Golden Globe” award back, to reflect the role of Detective John Luther, who faces the most difficult challenges in his life at a time haunted by ghosts of the past and the desire for revenge, to find himself at the heart of a complex issue driven to the edge of the abyss more than ever.

End Lower Pace

Quote of the well-known screenwriter Andrew Davis (Pride and Prejudice) In a co-production between “BBC Elise” and Weinstein Company In a modern approach to a historical epic months throughout the ages, which integrates themes of love and war, life and death. The elite tournament of stars, led by Paul Dano of the film (12 Years a Slave) James and Lily of the series (Downton Abbey) And James Norton from(Happy Valley) . The series was filmed in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

he is a doctor

This famous personal return in a new series full of atmosphere of adventure and suspense, with Peter Kabalda in the role of Dr. Gina Coleman in the role of Carla Oswald.


Bold new vision for the novels of Charles Dickens classic, where the lives of its famous characters together in a Victorian neighborhood one. The championship series constellation of stars in the stories are full of romance and the thrill of the many complexities, where viewers can identify the events that led to Miss Havicham wedding day, and the fact that the crime of Jacob Marley, and the sacrifices made ​​by the young girl.

Dr. Foster

Interesting psychological drama received follow-up of 10 million viewers in the United Kingdom, led by producers of the famous work The Honorable Woman . The tournament Soran Jones (Scott and Bailey) Dr. Foster distinctive role of a mother who has talent and is respected by the people of her village. But Dr. Foster suffering from a crisis in her life has been paid to the far limits of extremism from its desire to check their suspicions to enter her husband in another relationship, only to discover the complexities and many betrayals.

It is noteworthy that “BP first” drama series also offers long-famous, East Enders and Kajwalta and Canutoz and Holby City.

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