If we plan our journey from the point of departure to our destination the route map will appear in our mind. But most of us do not plan the route before setting out on a trip. If we did we would have to change lanes and overtake vehicles on far fewer occasions.

But once you decide to overtake a vehicle, first of all, make sure that no one else on that particular stretch of road is trying to overtake anyone. Else the results could be disastrous if there is a clash of two overtaking vehicles.

The few moments when one is trying to overtake also call for a quick and intense survey of the surrounding by keeping an eye on the rear-view and side-view mirrors. And when overtaking you should ensure there is a decent gap between your vehicle
and the one you are overtaking when you switch the lane. Do not cut in front of it, which might also lead to road rage.

And before you make a move to overtake, also make sure the vehicle you are overtaking has sufficient space ahead of it to accommodate your vehicle. If there are other vehicles, do not try to squeeze in. If
you have to switch lanes urgently [for example if the lane you are in goes straight whereas you want to switch to a lane which goes right] then you must give sufficiently loud and clear warning to neighboring vehicles by pressing the horn and drawing their drivers’ attention.

Two things need to be kept in mind by the driver while changing the lanes. If there is two-way traffic on two lanes without a divider then he must be on a sharp lookout for any oncoming vehicles. And secondly, if a driver is overtaking to enter the extreme right lane right next to a footpath he must also be on the lookout for any vehicles parked by the truant in the middle of the lane, not an unfamiliar sight in Bahrain, especially in busy areas.

And finally, an overtaking driver also has to contend with the cyclists and motorcyclists on the road who must always be given a wide berth. Which means the machines should be treated like a four-wheel vehicle and ample distance should be left between your vehicle and the two-wheeler. This is all the more necessary at night or in poor light.