BMW launches BMW Contemporary Initiative

BMW Contemporary C- Collage

BMW Group expands its support for contemporary art and culture in the Middle East with the launch of an exclusive BMW Contemporary initiative that aims to promote dialogue between cultures and unleash the imagination.

BMW Contemporary initiative will unite artists and art collectors residing in the region so that they meet and discuss and share their collections with the public stomach customized and tell their unique stories in a series of episodes broadcast on the Internet and posted on social networking channels of BMW Group Middle East throughout the year. You will see in the first episode, titled “The Art of the seven” technical adviser and curator of the Khadra which viewers will know the world-famous Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil and Sheikha Paula Mubarak Al-Sabah, Ashqh high-level Arts and the University of artwork residing in Kuwait. The first being presented in this series, it allowed Sheikha Paula filmed the stunning palace located in Kuwait, where it will be possible for the public access to the large group and the Egyptian scholar Yusuf brimming with charm and stories and leave and loss.

Commenting on the initiative, Christina Haadalbrger said, Director of BMW and marketing services and events mark at BMW Group Middle East said: “BMW Group has supported a number of artistic and cultural platforms over more than 40 years and has launched hundreds of initiatives around the world. We are committed here in the Middle East, the promotion of partnership and actively search for opportunities for the development of regional talent and support. we believe that BMW Contemporary initiative achieve exactly this goal. it proves that creativity knows no bounds, and we hope to raise each artist appears in a different ring people’s curiosity in the region and inspire them. ”

Cultural commitment is an integral part of the culture of the BMW Group Almasstah. The company is aware that absolute freedom is very important to the world of art and to leading innovations within the institution.

She concluded Haadalbrger, saying: “As a car company, we share many points in common with the world of art and culture. We are both seeking to innovation and creativity in many ways, including the design or how to communicate with our fans.”

BMW Group is based in the cultural cooperation on jazz and classical music and modern and contemporary art and the engineering and design.