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Boost your Apple 16GB with iOS 9

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Apple has finally released its App Thinning feature, which was supposed to arrive with iOS 9. Issues held it back, but it’s now been included in #9.0.2 and should be hugely beneficial, especially to users with 16GB devices.


It enables developers to cut down the storage size of apps by allowing users to download just a basic file initially, followed by extra content as and when it’s needed.

In many cases much of the extra content won’t be needed. For example, if you’re downloading a universal app on an iPhone 6S you won’t need to download the larger iPad artwork, where previously you just had to download everything, whether you needed it or not.

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Making 16GB viable again

Given that many apps are massive these days and that Apple doesn’t allow for microSD cards this could make a big difference, and breathe new life into 16GB devices.

We’d still like to see 16GB scrapped and 32GB become the new minimum size, but we’ll take what we can get. Let’s just hope that lots of developers take advantage of the App Thinning feature.

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