Bundle of eServices for Travelers during this Summer Holiday


With the summer holiday season approaching and so many in favor of traveling abroad, travelers may benefit from the eService bundle available to facilitate travelling via a smart device app and the national portal (Bahrain.bh). The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) delivers a set of online services that meet the needs of the public.

Through the national portal, iGA and the Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs (NPRA) provide Bahraini citizens with the ‘Passport Renewal’ service which enables them to renew their own passports in addition to their family members’ passports, with the ability to check the status of their requests. It can be used through the eKey which ensures confidentiality of personal data as well as simplifies the process of entering information in order to complete the procedures and receive passports within a short period of time. Submitting an application of passport renewal can be accessible 24/7 without the need to wait for business working hours. Furthermore, users are required to visit the NPRA office once only so as to receive the new passport and submit the older one. Applications may be submitted a year prior to passports’ expiry dates – according to visa requirements of certain countries.

Bearing in mind the importance of holding non-expired official documents, the Authority provides via Bahrain.bh ID Services which enable users to promptly renew their identity cards and replace a lost or damaged ID card to suit the needs of travelers and avoid any unnecessary delays to their holiday plans. These services are also vital to Bahrainis traveling to GCC countries where they use their ID cards as an official document. Beside these services, users may also take advantage of many other ID card-related services on the national portal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) delivers Wejhaty app via the eGovernment Apps Store (Bahrain.bh/apps) which encompasses numerous services provided by the ministry in both Arabic and English. The app comprises Visa Inquiry which includes information on countries that require a visa permit, its requirements and ability to apply electronically – if available in countries’ websites. The app also provides contact details, official working hours and locations of Bahraini embassies, accredited diplomatic missions abroad along with accredited foreign missions inside and outside the Kingdom.

Wejhaty app also contains information on destinations you may desire to visit. It enables travelers to register their data and destination to facilitate communication by MOFA in case of emergencies during their travel. Other eServices that may be ofinterest to travelers include Travel Ban, Important Notifications issued by the Ministry together with flight information and travel insurance in order to provide all that a traveler may require without the need to visit other online channels.

In the event that users require any assistance, users may download the Tawasul app accessible via Bahrain.bh/apps. The Authority also welcomes the public to follow its social media accounts @iGABahrain to view the latest services.