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Chase’s tweet backing PIN credit cards was a mistake, bank says

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JP Morgan Chase Bank tweeted in error that its chip credit cards would be getting PIN security, a bank spokesman confirmed Thursday.

The tweet, posted mid-day on Wednesday by @ChaseSupport, said: “Your security is our priority! We’re planning to add Chip and PIN to our credit cards in the near future.”

“That tweet was sent in error yesterday,” said JP Morgan Chase Bank spokesman Paul Hartwick in an email to Computerworld. “At this time we do not have current plans to offer chip-and-PIN credit cards.”

The bank, one of the nation’s largest card issuers, has already distributed 64 million of the newer, more secure chip cards, he said. Of those, 51 million are credit cards and 13 million are debit cards. The vast majority are on Visa’s network and some are on MasterCard’s.

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