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Check out these essential food apps for Ramadan! Available to download from AppGallery

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Everyone knows that Ramadan is a great time for gathering around Iftar meals, sharing yummy recipes with family and friends, or trying out the best Iftars and Suhoor available at local restaurants.

Ramadan this year might be slightly different with the current situation, but the one thing that will always remain the same is the satisfaction to see the Iftar table filled with our favourite dishes!

Either you are looking for food delivery apps to break the fast from the comfort of your home or recipe apps to learn tips and tricks and indulge in delicious meals, AppGallery, the official distribution platform from Huawei, has selected for you top regional food apps that will come in handy this Ramadan.

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Food delivery apps:

First selection includes three popular food and grocery delivery apps which can be quick and easy alternatives this Ramadan when you can’t make on time to the Iftar, when you are running out of the time to prepare your meals or simply when you are craving your favourite restaurant and wanted to treat yourself at home.


Talabat is the leading online food delivery service that operates in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Qatar. The app offers a wide range of restaurants selection and connects seamlessly customers with their favorite restaurants in just a few taps. Recently, the app has introduced other delivery categories such as home grocery, pharmacy, flowers and more.

Recipe apps:

If you are a cook and love to treat your family to delicious dishes during Ramadan, this selection of apps will help you to show your culinary skills and add a variety of colors and nutrition to every meal during this month of Ramadan.

Cookbook Recipes:

The cookbook app offers many easy and tasty recipes. These include salads, drinks, appetizers, stews, soups, casseroles, crockpots, cakes, and desserts. Simple cookbook app offers recipe instructions with pictures, and every cookbook recipe has easy step-by-step instructions with a photo.

How to Bake:

How to bake app provides step-by-step picture tutorials and video tutorials on how to bake different types of snacks and small chops from scratch. All baking recipes are presented with photos for quick selection and do not require the Internet. The recipes will always be with you, even when you have no Internet connection!

SuperFood – Healthy Recipes:

SuperFood – Healthy Recipes offers free access to tasty and healthy recipes using nutritious ingredients that you can save in our grocery list. An individual calorie counter allows you to track your meals with relevant nutrition information, keep a nutrition diary, and track your calories daily, weekly and monthly with a free calorie calculator! The app offers a healthy diet through a diverse selection of healthy recipes, easy to cook – from local and seasonal dishes to low-carb and yummy vegetarian recipes.

To discover more apps on AppGallery, click here.

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