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‘Bhujanga ’ means  a snake. The Geruda Samhita notes that this asana, which resembles a cobra with its hood raised, “increases the bodily heat, destroys diseases, and by the practice of this posture the Serpent Goddess [Kundalini] awakens.”

Organising the Pose:-

  1. Lie flat on your stomach, with your chest on the floor, feet together and the toes pointing backwards.
  2. Bend the elbows, placing the hands shoulder width apart, by the side of your chest with the fingers well spread and pointing forward.
  3. Raise your trunk off the floor. Straighten your arms. Throw your head back .Arch your

spine as much as possible.  This is Bhujanga –asana.                                                                        

  1. Keep the shoulders down and away from the ears and the chest broad.
  2. Breathe normally in the final position holding for a comfortable amount of time.
  3. Exhale, lower the body down.


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  • Broaden your chest and take your head back like a cobra about to strike.
  • Tighten your thigh muscles.


  • Raise your thighs off the floor.


  • Helps remove stiffness in the neck and spine.
  • Promotes flexibility of the lower back in particular.
  • The gentle pressure in the pose on the abdomen has a beneficial effect on the internal abdominal organs.

Bhujangasana is the 7th position in the classical Suryanamskara. This pose improves and deepens breathing, stimulates the appetite, alleviates constipation and is beneficial for all the internal organs. It helps to improve backache and keep the spine supple.

People suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis and hyperthyroidism should not practice this asana without the guidance of a competent teacher.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj- Yoga Expert





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