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Cons for using UV Filters

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Here are the lists of cons for using UV Filters:

  • Camera lens cost relatively expensive – $2000 or more. Therefore, using a relatively cheap (to the lens’ price) UV filter risks degrading image quality.
  • Lens hood does a great job protecting the lens. Getting a UV filter would just be an additional expense.
  • Do not over protect your equipment and risk image quality. Be reasonable, and predict when your lens might be in danger and when not.
  • The hard coating on most lenses is very strong and can withstand numerous washes and cleanings (as long as you do it wisely).
  • It is always better to buy lens warranty rather than a UV filter.

There is no right or wrong here. The information on our previous article and this week’s article must be sufficient to assist you on deciding whether to use UV filters or not. Personally, I use UV Filters whilst shooting on the streets or in dusty conditions and remove them when shooting for portraits, studio, or landscapes. I also use lens hoods
almost all the time.

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