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DANAT Continues to Support Bahraini Youth by Training Students from the UoB

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The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT), hosted six students from the College of Science at the University of Bahrain for a two-month summer internship program. This initiative is in line with DANAT’s commitment to supporting Bahraini youth, building their capacities, enhancing their skills, and introducing them to various professional opportunities in the gemology field.

DANAT organized a comprehensive and integrated training program, which began with theoretical lectures on pearls and oysters covering their formation process, a study of their environment, and the extraction process. The students were also given the opportunity to visit the field to observe the different types of oysters, search for pearls and practice extraction. Lastly, the trainees underwent a two-week training course on the different methods of pearl testing using the latest international technologies found in the DANAT laboratory.

During their placement in DANAT’s Research Department, and under the supervision of DANAT’s Research Manager, Dr. Reem Al Mealla, the students were able to observe the efforts of the qualified research team in gathering data related to the observation of oyster specimens. The students gained practical knowledge related to the different methods and skills used in collecting data related to pearl oysters and the surrounding ecosystems.

The Chief Executive Officer of DANAT, Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, explained that this internship falls within the framework of an ambitious program designed by the University of Bahrain to enhance students’ knowledge of pearls and precious stones and encourage them to enter this vital field through integrating them into DANAT’s programs, courses and workshops.

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Mrs. Jamsheer commended the students on their commitment to attending the training program, their ability to grasp the specialiased vocabulary, and their acquisition of industry knowledge and skills. She also pointed out that the outstanding results witnessed by the program have pushed DANAT to host it more regularly, and open more opportunities to engage the Bahraini youth in the pearl and jewelry sector. She further stressed that investing in young national talent is an essential part of the National Plan to Revive the Pearl Sector in Bahrain to enhance the Kingdom’s position as a world leader in the field of pearling.

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