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Deep Down I Feel Vol 03

Confide in us your deepest regret, secret or guilt and feel lighter! You can write to us in complete anonymity too or with pseudonyms. We care… Send us your writings in about 300 words.

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Right from my childhood, I had been extremely fond of and attached to my mother’s elder sister. I used to spend days of my vacation at her house as her endless love and affection not only for me but for all her friends and family, her willingness to go out of her ways to help others, and her simple and delightful ways of making every day a joy to live would draw me very strongly towards her. She was simple, extremely caring and an epitome of endurance and patience.

As I started to grow, the time I could spend with her was getting increasingly reduced due to studies, activities, friends and finally a job that took me away from the city where I was raised.

However, my connect with her was so deep-rooted that I would miss her often and on idle afternoons at work, promise myself to spend one whole day with her when I visit my city again. Sadly I always failed to keep my promise even though I visited my hometown quite a few times since then. Each time I would meet her briefly she would say, ‘Will you come and spend a whole day with me?” And I would say ‘Next time’.

However, as destiny would have it, she became critically ill very early in her life and passed away before I could spend that much-desired one whole day with her.

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I still miss her terribly and often see her in my dreams, as if looking at me sadly. Perhaps if I could spend a day with her like I always wanted to she would have left the world a bit happier.

We often get caught up with life’s madness but we should always make time for our loved ones because once we lose them forever, there is no way we can get them back…

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