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Design Your Future Campaign and NGN are collaborating to organize a workshop on “Understanding Growth Mindset”

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Design Your Future (DYF) Campaign, in collaboration with NGN Training Center, announced on Wednesday (July 5th, 2023) that it has successfully hosted a workshop on “Understanding Growth Mindset” at the Bahrain World Trade Centre, with the participation of students from various Bahraini universities.

Ms. Aysha Danesh, Certified Professional Coach and Trainer from NGN Training Center, and Ms. Zainab Assiri, Director of NGN Training Center, moderated the workshop, which focused on how to develop a growth mindset and empower undergraduates to prepare for the labour market, upgrade their skills, and advance their careers.

The workshop tackled the differences between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset and their role in developing career progression, supporting undergraduates in improving their employability skills to attain rewarding job opportunities in the future. The workshop also provided several practical exercises to reinforce the participants’ understanding and help undergraduates improve their skills and mindsets. It trained attendees in developing smart goals to enable them better design their future and achieve their aspirations and career growth objectives.

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The workshop furthered the mission of the DYF Campaign launched recently by FinMark Communications to support and encourage high school graduates, university students, and those enrolled in vocational training programmes to take a more active approach to planning for and building their futures. The Campaign further aims to contribute to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to accelerate human capital development and educate and build a highly effective and well-trained workforce, one of the many critical goals of its economic Vision 2030.

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DYF, which will run over a 12-month period, is holistic in nature and comprises a well-designed and varied programme of activities targeting hands-on learning and growth. Highly interactive sessions and events are being planned with the support of HR, education, and multi-industry experts.

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