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The “Design Your Future” podcast’s second episode was launched by FinMark Communications

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Design Your Future”, founded by FinMark Communications with the support of Lead Partner CrediMax, yesterday announced the launch of the second episode of its podcast. It features Mrs. Fatema Ahmed Kamal, Chief Executive Officer of Britus Education and was broadcast at Harbour House in the presence of CEOs and senior leaders from the private and public sector.

The second episode was presented by Ms. Zahraa Taher, Managing Director of FinMark Communications. As with each episode, a promising young student also took part in the conversation. Appearing in the second episode was Hashim Al-Majed, Electronics Engineering Student and the Ex-Chairman of IEEE at Bahrain Polytechnic Student Branch, and a member of the Advisory Committee in the “Design Your Future Campaign”. The lively discussion saw Mrs. Kamal speaking about the importance of university life and extracurricular activities and their impact on students in refining and highlighting their skills.

Mrs. Fatema Ahmed Kamal

Mrs. Kamal also highlighted that students that only focused on the academic side and did not value participation in extra-curricular activities missed out on many opportunities to learn important skills, as well as practical experiences to help them start their professional lives in the right way. She also emphasised that students should commit more time at the start of their careers to self-development, reading, and learning about the workplace.

Design Your Future” was launched in February 2023 and aims to support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to accelerate human capital development and educate and build a highly qualified and trained national workforce, as outlined in Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. The initiative promotes and supports high school graduates, university students, and those enrolled in vocational training programmes to take a more active role in planning and constructing their future. The initiative comprises a podcast series, various skills days, and other programmes that help students build important core competencies and attributes necessary for success.

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