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‘Discover America’ set to delight Lulu shoppers

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The bounty of American will be on display at Lulu Hypermarket’s popular annual Discover America Week festival which was inaugurated at the LuLu Hypermarket in Saar Atrium Mall. Doing the inaugural honours was H.E. Steven C. Bondy. They were received by LuLu Group Director, Mr. Juzer Rupawala and senior management of the Hypermarket.

The festival, which runs till October 22nd 2022, is a celebration of the variety and bounty of American products available at LuLu and the hypermarket is offering great deals on American fresh fruits and veg, chilled products, cheeses, sauces, the best cuts of meat, a wide range of breakfast cereals, ice cream, coffee, cake mixes, fruit juice syrups and condiments.

To underscore the American community’s bond with Bahrain, there will be information kiosks for prominent American organizations such as AmCham, American Women’s Association and American Mission Hospital. To create the right buzz and showcase American automobile technology, Lulu has set aside a space for a display of the iconic U.S.-made Harley Davidson motorcycle and the Red Indian motorbike.

The popular Lulu kitchens will fill the aisles with specialty Hot Foods fragrant with American flavoursome smells.

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“I would like to thank Juzer Rupawala and his team at Lulu Hypermarket for supporting the launch of Discover America Week 2022. Since the inception of this annual trade promotion event, the U.S. Embassy has proudly partnered with Lulu to support the sale and distribution of American food and agricultural products in Bahrain. Lulu’s continued use of the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement expands access to high quality U.S. made goods and strengthens commercial ties between Bahrain and the United States.” Said H.E. Mr. Steven C. Bondy.

, “We have a great partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain and the Discover America Week is always a big success with our customers. The Lulu Group has a very active and large sourcing hub in America in Y International USA and this is reflected across our global network of 215 stores in the range of excellent food and non-food products that carry the US innovation and production impression. Discover America is a great way to explore the popularity of products that represent the new tastes that America has introduced to the world.” Said Lulu Group Director, Juzer Rupawala

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