Some habits in some drivers are so thoroughly ingrained that they seem to have long ago given up the notion that they are wrong and dangerous practices. It is only when an accident occurs due to their foolish attitude that they come to their senses – unless the result is a fatal accident. Other habits may not be dangerous but they are irksome to other road-users or patently unlawful.

Here are some of these, without in any particular order:

  • Allowing the passengers, especially children, in lean outside the vehicle thereby putting their lives and limbs in danger. If there are children in the back, the rear windows, if they have to be pulled down say in cool weather, must be not more than a six-inch chink. Allowing a child to put his head or hand out is a signal for danger.
  • Not bothering to give way to official motorcades and ambulances. While in the case of motorcades Traffic police personnel might be around to bring the truant drivers to their senses, ambulances carrying a patient remain at the mercy of the driver’s whim or discretion. Give way to one to the extent possible; it could be a matter of life or death for the person on the stretcher.
  • Parking trucks, trailers or other heavy vehicles in residential areas. Nowadays parking is in any case at a premium in most residential areas and a truck or a trailer can disrupt the rhythm of everyone apart from hindering the movement of vehicles.
  • Using floodlights as a routine / blinking flashlights to browbeat the driver ahead. Floodlights need to be used only in poorly-lit areas and flashlights must never be used except as a friendly gesture when giving way.
  • Driving a vehicle noisily, often by having the silencer removed, or making screeching sounds. This is often the practice among the young drivers, a ruse to draw attention to their sports cars or fancy motorcycles. A bad habit.
  • Not wearing the safety belt and, in case of motorcyclists, not wearing the safety helmet. This is a good habit only for those willing to throw away their lives cheap.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Remaining glued to the mobile phone while driving.
  • Allowing children under 10 to sit in the front seat.
  • Carrying an infant in the car without a child seat.
  • Parking in a space reserved for those with special needs. This is a despicable habit to say the least.
  • Parking in such a fashion that your vehicle occupies space meant for two or more cars.
  • Going into a shop while leaving your car running, giving open invitation to car-lifters.
  • Sitting in the driver’s seat in a parked car with the door wide open on the traffic side.