E. K. Kanoo Training Centre Receives International Accreditation

Kanoo Training Center International Accreditation
Ebrahim K. Kanoo Training Centre Receives International Accreditation

The state-of-the-art Ebrahim K. Kanoo Training Centre in Bahrain has officially received its first international accreditation from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). The accreditation will allow the training centre to offer more to the Bahrain automotive industry. In terms of qualifications and trainings.

The Ebrahim K. Kanoo Training Centre is the only private facility in Bahrain to receive the prestigious accreditation based on its quality, size, equipment and knowledgeable staff who are trained locally and internationally by top automotive companies around the globe.

IMI is the professional association for individuals working in the retail motor industry and the authoritative voice of the sector. IMI is transforming the automotive industry by setting, upholding and promoting professional standards. Driving skills acquisition, establishing clearer career paths and boosting public confidence. Established in 1920, the IMI filled a specific need for individuals desiring recognition for their accomplishments, and the acknowledgement they received led to a steady growth in membership. Those needs still exist today, therefore membership and professional recognition remains at the core of its existence.

IMI Accreditation is a practical, non-academic way to demonstrate individual capability, providing independent proof of current competence, knowledge and skills.

Mr. Talal F. Kanoo, Managing Director at Ebrahim K. Kanoo congratulates the Centre’s team for their support and highlights the significance of gaining the accreditation award. “The Ebrahim K. Kanoo Training Centre creates with the vision of advancing the local automotive sector in Bahrain and making Bahrain a respected training hub for the regional motoring industry. I sincerely thank everyone for all the time, resources and efforts that have gotten us this far. We look forward to receiving more awards and accreditations in the future.”