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E-Passport Milestone

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Bahrain issues 125,000 e-passports

Bahrain has marked a significant milestone in its passport services by issuing 125,000 copies of e-passports since the service’s launch in March 2023.

The Interior Ministry’s Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) Undersecretary, Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, announced this, emphasising that the initiative, spearheaded under the patronage of Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, represents a pivotal moment in streamlining citizens’ travel procedures.

Shaikh Hisham stressed the transformative impact of the e-passport, heralding it as a breakthrough in simplifying travel formalities for Bahraini citizens.

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Bahrain’s e-passport was part of the nation’s “digitisation initiatives listed in the overall sector development strategies, which were launched with the kingdom’s wide-ranging Economic Recovery Plan,” as stated by the Interior Minister last year, during its launch. The new e-passport includes a security chip that will store the biometric information of the passport holder and features an artistic design that showcases the kingdom’s culture and heritage, the statement said.

Notably, Bahrain’s e-passport has garnered international acclaim, receiving numerous prestigious awards for its distinction and innovative features, a testament to its quality and security standards. 

Acknowledging the instrumental role of the Interior Minister, Shaikh Hisham expressed gratitude for his unwavering support and guidance, which propelled the success of the e-passport initiative. He also commended the dedicated efforts of the NPRA’s working team in enhancing printing and issuance rates, reaffirming the commitment to continually improving services for citizens and residents.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision, Bahrain’s e-passport stands out for its advanced security features and adherence to international standards. Designed by a team of experts and specialists from Bahrain and abroad, it facilitates seamless visa applications and exemptions, elevating the passport’s global ranking.

The accolades bestowed upon Bahrain’s e-passport underscore its excellence on the international stage. Notably, it clinched the prestigious International Best New Passport Award of 2024 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at the HSP Awards held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Additionally, the passport earned ten accolades at the London Design Awards, affirming its status as one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing passports.

Bahrain’s e-passport not only exemplifies innovation and security but also serves as a symbol of the nation’s commitment to providing cutting-edge services that enhance the travel experience for its citizens.

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