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Ebrahim K. Kanoo awards employees “Hybrid Master” Certificates

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Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the sole distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, awarded Certificates of Achievement to employees who have successfully finished Toyota and Lexus “Hybrid Master” Training Programmes. The Hybrid Masters were presented with their certificates by Ebrahim K. Kanoo Directors, Khaled Kanoo and Isa Kanoo, in the presence of Sales Managers Henry Mark Ireland and Alaa Abdel Moneim.

“These Hybrid systems are among the most advanced in the world,” said Ebrahim K. Kanoo Senior Manager of Toyota and Lexus Marketing Ayman Shehadeh. “They uniquely combine two power sources into one, and use both petrol and electric motors, depending on what would be the most efficient for the driving conditions, while also ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.”

He added: “The Hybrid Masters, are now better equipped to handle the different types of queries that customers may have about Toyota’s or Lexus’s Hybrid systems, including explaining the technicalities of why using an electrical motor create less emissions compared to conventional cars, how they recharge and how their batteries operate.”

As of January 31, Toyota estimates that the use of Toyota’s Hybrid vehicles in lieu of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance has resulted in approximately 77 million fewer tons4 of CO2 emissions and has saved approximately 29 million kiloliters of gasoline.

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Toyota was the first automaker to introduce the first mass production hybrid vehicle to the general public, offering the first Toyota hybrid model – the Prius – on 10th December, 1997, which set the benchmark for mass production of Hybrid models worldwide. The Prius is currently sold in over 90 countries and regions, and its worldwide cumulative sales passed the 1 million mark in May 2008, exceeded 2 million units in September 2010, and reached the 3 million milestone in June 2013. As of January 2017, global sales of the Prius family totalled more than 6 million units, representing 61% of the 10 million hybrids delivered by Toyota Motor Company worldwide, including the Lexus brand. The name Prius, which in Latin means “prior to”, was selected to emphasize that the vehicle was ahead of its time, incorporating innovative hybrid technology capable of being used with gasoline as well as future energy sources, such as biofuels or hydrogen fuel cells.

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