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With the recently most aroused street-topic talked about on all channels of communication and social media accounts concerning the enforced fines, you can take a breathe and loosen-up as there is a bright light down the corridor. With joint ongoing efforts and a collaboration between the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), National Oil & Gas Authority and the Information & eGovernment Authority; solutions that daily benefit motorists have evolved to avoid them from unnecessary traffic fines with the help of the eTraffic mobile app available on Bahrain.bh/apps for both Android and IOS users to keep them well-informed and alerted.

Utilizing the latest technology to enlighten you on the road, the application dynamically assists users in several ways through the custom-made services that keeps you in track with GDT. The application, similarly to having an account of your own traffic services, helps by becoming constantly up-to-date through the notification reminders that are sent with the occurrence of a traffic violation, renewal of both vehicle and license registrations.

Beside updating your contact details and the locations of fuel stations in Bahrain, the ‘Fuel Enquiry’ service allows users to check which type of fuel best suits their car. Other day-to-day utilized features also include ‘My Traffic Record’ which helps to view driving licenses, vehicles registration, traffic contraventions and the total number of accumulated penalty points. Users may then select any option to proceed with a single payment process through the ‘Quick Pay’ feature.

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The spreading rumours – that checking driver’s traffic contraventions online via the app or eService on Bahrain.bh would appear in the GDT system and contraventions amount to double if the driver fails to pay the fine during the first week – are soundly inaccurate. In fact, motorists and car owners have the ability to pay fines online rather than physically visiting the GDT headquarters to save their time and effort.

The public receive a 50% discount on fines paid electronically through the national portal (bahrain.bh) or the eTraffic app. If the driver pays at the GDT headquarters during the first week, the 50% discount is applied only during the first seven days; therefore, paying after the seven days period – the driver must pay the full amount of the fine.

Both portal and the app allow users the access to check details of traffic violations such as location, date, time, driven vehicle as well as the type of violation. For any enquiries on the  eTraffic app or eService, please call the National Contact Center on 8000 8001.

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