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Everybody’s a Winner with ‘Dragon City’

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Dragon City, the largest wholesale and retail trade centre on the island, has recently announced that it will hold a ten-day grand shopping bonanza for its customers, starting from September 19, 2019, promising them with countless valuable rewards and prizes.

The mall confirmed that the promotion includes customers of all age groups, qualifying them to enter a scratch-and-win contest for every BD20 they spend at any of the 787 outlets in the mall. All participants will win guaranteed prizes that include TVs, smartphones and much more.

Clarifying further on the terms and conditions of participating in the promotional drive, Dragon City announced that shoppers are requested to stamp their receipts at the specially- made scratch-and-win stand located in the centre of the mall, where they will be assisted by Dragon City staff.

It’s noteworthy that the shoppers will be granted the opportunity of participating in the scratch-and-win once for every BD20 spent, allowing them to win more instant gifts the more they spend at any of the various outlets in Dragon City.

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Dragon City also stated that the promotion ends on September 28, 2019, and it comes from Dragon City to ensure a great shopping experience for its customers and to maintain the mall’s position as the first family shopping destination in Bahrain.

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