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From the island of pearls to the fashion mecca of the world, the journey has been exciting for Noor Mohsin – the first Arab and Bahraini designer for Louis Vuitton. Her success has cleared the door for future generations of Bahraini designers to follow in her footsteps and have an impact on the luxury fashion sector, making her tale an inspiration to many.
Noor, a High-End Women’s Bags Designer assigned to the French multinational holding and conglomerate that specialises in luxury goods, spoke about her passion and her journey in an interview with Bahrain This Week.

“I used to work in a financial institution, and subsequently shifted to fashion because I am more passionate about it and that’s where I see myself at – I like being creative,” Noor told the BTW. Noor has majored in design and has a master’s degree from Italy’s Politecnico di Milano in jewellery and accessory design. Growing up in a fashion-loving family, Noor’s artistic talents were recognised at a young age. Participating in various art competitions, she honed her skills, which led to her winning a prestigious award from the Supreme Council for Women (SCW) in 2020.
“I have received a lot of support and encouragement from SCW, and I am really thankful to Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa for all the effort and support she provides to Bahraini women.”
Noor started working with Louis Vuitton, the luxury brand known for signature monogrammed handbags and luggage, in December 2022 in Paris. She was excited as she walked through her creative process for designing the collection.
“I was super excited to have this opportunity, especially after all the hard work and late nights during my studies,” she said.
“It was also a chance for me to share and showcase our culture. Indeed, I hope this opens horizons for local designers so they can reach out to luxury houses with confidence. I feel so grateful for this opportunity, and I am trying to give my best and become a professional designer. Designing for a luxury house is not easy, as there are so many rules to be respected, and a good designer needs to understand and study well the DNA of the brand.”
Attention to details is a desired skill for a designer, according to Noor, which she said calls for “a lot of research”.
“The designer needs to bear in mind the brand’s aesthetic and adapt to it,” she said.
“This requires a lot of research and going back to the archives. It calls for knowing the target customers well and, of course, adding personal touches. You need to find your strong points and work them well for your design – yes, attention to details is a very important skill required in a designer.”
Tight timelines and customer satisfaction were at the top of Noor’s list of challenges she encountered during the design process.

“Time limits – in fashion, there are very tight deadlines, you always have to be fast and ready, and at the same time, it has to be perfect. This can be overcome with time management and practise. You would know what steps could take longer, and you would prepare for them earlier. Brainstorming also helps. You have to also be flexible. My aim is to better serve all tastes; especially when working for a house that is known worldwide, you have to satisfy all customers, and of course having a diverse team would add a lot of value.”
As an advice to upcoming designers, she said, “find your passion, focus on it, keep on learning, and practise it until perfection; always believe in yourself and be confident in your skills.”
On her next projects and engagements, Noor said that she always kept her “horizons open”.
“I have multiple things that I am currently working on. Moreover, after all the support and love I have received from everyone, I am planning to share the skills that I have learned during my journey and from Louis Vuitton.”
*Disclaimer: Noor was part of the design team for the collection for winter 2023 and spring 2024.

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