Friday, October 22, 2021

    Experience the Authentic Taste of Bengaluru at Food Junction

    Food Junction opened its doors for diners on 1st December 2016 in Manama.

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    If you crave for some Bangalore cuisine, visit Food Junction to relish and enjoy the authentic, delicious and traditional sizzling dishes at a budget price. Chinese cuisine is also available at the Food Junction and all it takes is a visit to the restaurant for lunch and dinner. To top it all, the typical delicacies are prepared by a Bangalore Chef and served by trained and experienced staff, who ensure your dining experience is a memorable one.

    What to expect

    Each dish is elegantly and colorfully crafted, but the textural variations are of particular merit. The Bangalore style biriyani and Kebabs are not to be missed. Angaar Kebabs and tandoori starters are highly recommended appetizers. During evenings, one can feast on rich Egyptian shawarmas. Hyderabadi biriyanis are the latest addition on their menu.

    Food Junction serves Vegetarian and Non vegetarian thalis and combos. Family dining section is also available. Their Box biriyanis consist of Chicken or Mutton biriyani, kebabs, boiled eggs, a sweet and coca cola.And serves up to 3 to 7 people!

    Food Junction Restaurant can be contacted for catering, indoor reservations and outdoor deliveries. Call  17281231 / 39690856. They also deliver also through Hunger Station and Talabat. They are open daily from 11am to 12am on Sunday to Tuesday and 11 am to 1am on Wednesday to Saturday.

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